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Training Costs for Juniors and Seniors

After the initial two trial sessions, new joiners must pay the annual membership fee - reduced when joining part-way through the year - to ensure full insurance coverage.

Training fees may be paid either at each session or on a monthly standing order. With the 'pay as you go' option, it is necessary to separately pay for the annual insurance and all grading fees.

With the standing order, however, annual insurance and grading fees are included in the monthly charge.

The tables below show the 'standard' training costs. Where any club has a different pricing structure, this will be discussed with you at the initial contact stage.

Annual Membership And Insurance Cost
Juniors Seniors
£35 per year £40 per year
Pay As You Go Cost
Juniors Seniors
£6.50 per session £8.00 per session
Monthly Standing Order Cost
Training Frequency Juniors Seniors
Training Once Per Week £29 £36
Training Twice Per Week £35 £49
Assesssment/Grading Cost*
Juniors Seniors
£14 per belt £20 per belt

*Where a student splits a belt into one or more tabs, each fee will be pro-rated so that the total does not exceed the cost of taking the belt at one session