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The MidKent club is run by Sensei Simon Long and Sensei Mark Simpson, both of whom hold 4th dan black belts in Ju Jitsu.
Training sessions for Juniors and Seniors are held at St.Augustine Academy, Maidstone. The atmosphere of the club is very friendly and new members are always welcome. Although the primary focus is on teaching traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu, there is also coverage of Ground-fighting, Atemi Jitsu (strikes) and Kobudo (traditional weapons).

Family Nights

The combined Senior and Junior class on Tuesdays is also our 'family night' as it is an opportunity for family members to train at the same time. A great way for parents and children to share a common interest!

The club dojo is in the sports building of St. Augustine Academy, Maidstone ME16 8AE.
The entrance is not in Oakwood Road but on the unnamed road running behind the academy.
There are usually plenty of available parking bays outside the entrance.

Training Times
Tuesdays 1930 to 2030 1930 to 2100 Joint training session for the first hour, then Seniors continue for extra 30 minutes
Thursdays 1930 to 2030 2030 to 2200 Senior session immediately follows Junior session